Peace Goes to School

Afghan Youth Ambassadors for Peace Organization

Peace Goes to School

AYAP’s Peace Goes to School (PGS) program is a unique, comprehensive approach to peace education and violence prevention that promotes a safe school environment for young Afghan girls and encourages optimal learning through academic and social growth. Our aim is to create young Afghan leaders to become ambassadors for peace and gender equality.

Leadership Development

The goal of this after-school program is to empower students to achieve specific and defined goals accomplished through guided, open discussion, facilitated activities, and role-plays. This work would all centre on conflict resolution themes and discussing the importance of female leaders in the Afghan community.

Peer to Peer Mentorship

Through our P2P Mentorship, we will provide advice and guidance whilst acting as a positive role model for younger Afghan girls who require their support. Our aim is to guide young Afghan girls to take positive steps towards their careers.

Bullying Prevention

The program is designed to introduce specific ideas and concepts to students to address the challenges and effects of bullying.  It focuses on building emotional awareness, empathy, and responsibility, all within the context of developing and demonstrating respect for self and others.