The Peacebuilders Club

Afghan Youth Ambassadors for Peace Organization

The Peacebuilders Club

AYAP’s The Peacebuilders Club helps Afghan youth to build their leadership, and peacebuilding skills to bring sustainable change and peace to their communities. We aim to create Agents of Change in all the 34 provinces of Afghanistan and promote grassroots-level peacebuilders at the local, national and international levels.

Training of Trainers

By interactive dialogue with community, religious and ethnic leaders about women and human rights and enhancing the capacity of young women and girls peace-builders in community dialogues.   

Community Peace-building Dialogues

The Afghan communities are guided to share experiences of the existing tensions that may lead to conflicts and/or open conflict and how they may affect or have affected them. This helps in the development of a shared social narrative about the causes and the nature of both potential sources of conflicts and conflicts that may have erupted. This process will lead Afghan community members to hear views from each other and together define best strategies for preventing potential conflict or addressing identified agreed upon key issues with the help of young women.

Peacebuilders Brunch

The Peacebuilders Brunch and Roundtable will increase networking between different Afghan activists across the nation and provide learning opportunities for the peacebuilders to learn from each other experiences and knowledge.