Meet Aziz

Afghan Youth Ambassadors for Peace Organization

Aziz Ali Shah


Aziz Ali Shah is a social activist who is involved in facilitating communication and collaboration among youths. He was selected as the board member based on his extensive experience working with youths and designing programs to ensure they acquire leadership skills and become leaders in their community. Besides being a social activist, Aziz Ali Shah has been working for over 15 years in AKDN agencies in different areas such as health, education, rural development, institution-building, and economic development promotion. He has assumed different roles such as Acting Chief Risk Officer, Risk Manager, Business Development, and a few others. Currently, he is the operation manager at one of the microfinance institutions that aims to provide opportunities for the poor inside Afghanistan. Aziz Ali Shah has a bachelor’s degree in Economics and has earned his Masters’s in Financial Service Management from The University of Salford UK.