Meet Maryam

Afghan Youth Ambassadors for Peace Organization

Will you please tell us a little bit about your background and one thing that inspired you to do the work you do now?

My name is Maryam Ghulami and I am a  social, youth, and women rights activist from Afghanistan, I am currently pursuing my graduate studies at Penn State University in the United States. I have a bachelor’s degree in faculty of literature and humanities from Herat University, and I am certified in women’s leadership development.

I have been working in different fields as a team leader, trainer, country representative, country coordinator, M&E, Impact and program officer in social and humanitarian projects with different national and international organizations officially and voluntarily.
As well as it’s an honor for me to have membership of many youth lead national and international organizations in terms of having regular activities as a debater, MUNer, SDG advocator, SRHR advocator , peace-builder, global shaper, and community builder.


In your opinion, what is the definition of success? How does this definition motivate you when challenges arise?

In my point of view, success has a different definition for each and everyone, and for me success means making a change in the community .

What has been your biggest struggle?

The biggest struggle that I have been dealing with was living in a community that was ignoring my

presence and abilities.

What are you most proud of? What do you consider is your biggest accomplishment up until this point?

Right now I am proud of being a grad student in one of top universities in the US , and I have been always happy and proud of what I have done so far, raising my voice against inequalities, fighting for my rights and working for women and youth in a community like Afghanistan where you were struggling with different restriction are considered my accomplishments in life.

What can you tell us about women's (and men’s) current situation in Afghanistan when it comes to seeking opportunities? What do you think is the solution to bring peace?

Although the situation of Afghanistan is not good at all specially for women, but still Afghan women are there to raise their voices to be heard, and it’s way too difficult to say what is the solution to bring peace in Afghanistan at the moment, but I personally think the education would be a key for changing the situation.

Moving forward, what is your dream? What are your goals for this next season of your life and how does that dream promote peace and support for others reading your story?

Dream… My biggest dream is to see a happy and independent Afghanistan where everyone lives together in peace , for making this dream happen from my side I will never miss any single opportunity to raise my voice to be heard and words in action for a better and bright future.

What is the best advice you have for someone reading your story?