Meet Pallavi

Afghan Youth Ambassadors for Peace Organization

Pallavi Mahajan

Youth Advisor

Pallavi is a gender advocate working towards integrating a feminist lens in policymaking and legislation through academic research, policy intervention, and on-field initiatives. Having worked with international organizations, state machinery, private sector organizations, civil societies, and think tanks, I have gained a multidimensional and collaborative perspective on the critical need for gender reforms. I am also the co-founder of an intersectional feminist NGO – The Azaad Initiative, which works for economic independence and social inclusion of underprivileged women in India.  

As the YP Foundation’s and United Nations ‘2019-Gender Fellow’, I have worked closely with the marginalized gender community in India on diversity and inclusion at the workplace through policymaking and activism. She is also a comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) trainer, having formulated and conducted CSE curriculums, initiatives, and projects for Indian Education Board.

Furthermore, as a Global Goodwill Ambassadors and a fellow at the Royal Society of Arts, London, I have worked in collaboration with global organizations on the critical nature of gender mainstreaming projects and policies like the Asia Safe Abortion Project, women rights legislation, leadership, training, and research initiatives. Currently, She is representing the UK as a Youth Board Member in the United Nations Office of Human Rights Commission (OHCR) on a project dedicated to human rights education.

She is currently doing her master’s in Gender and Development at Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex, as a Chevening Scholar.