Meet Zia

Afghan Youth Ambassadors for Peace Organization

Ahmad Zia Momand

Program Coordinator

Ahmad Zia Momand is Social Entrepreneur and Peace Advocate, UNESCO MGIP Youth Waging Peace Fellow, and a US Embassy LEAP International Exchange Program Alumnus. He is also the Founder of Youth Design Lab for Peace in Afghanistan. The Youth Design Lab (YDL) is a part of efforts to foster Violent Extremism’s Prevention through Education and Youth Engagement. He is the Co-founder of Inclusive Peace, a youth-led movement in Afghanistan, promoting the inclusion and meaningful participation of youth in the peace process.

Ahmad Zia currently an undergraduate student at the American University of Afghanistan, pursuing Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Meanwhile, he has been working as a Business Development Manager at Noon Digital Education, which provides equal access to high-quality and most effective training materials in Afghanistan. Previously, he worked in Debate Program with Afghans for Progressive Thinking. The largest Afghan youth-led and youth-focused organization where he led the debate and civic activism department focused on deterring social intolerance and violent extremism through organizing debate programs among youth and civic education programs which lead to an improvement in a more engaged and informed citizenship. Ahmad Zia has led key debate programs for APT from inception to the ground implementation. He brought youth to debate around different topics to improve their critical thinking, leadership, and reasoning skills. 

Furthermore, Ahmadzia is the steering committee member of Mediothek Afghanistan.


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